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Visa Exemption Rule

Visa Exemption Rule

The visa exemption rule grants tourists from 55 countries access to Thailand without holding a tourist visa. They can stay in Thailand for a maximum of 30 days if they enter the country through an international airport. If tourists enter Thailand at the immigration check points which border neighboring countries, they can stay in the Kingdom for only 15 days. Our attorneys in Thailand can provide you with further details about the visa exemption rule and about the countries whose citizens benefit from it.

Requirements for visa exemption rule

There are several conditions to be met in order to be eligible for the visa exemption rule in Thailand:
•    You visit Thailand strictly for tourism purposes;
•   You have to hold a round trip valid plane ticket confirming your departure date from Thailand. Other proof of exiting Thailand by car, bus or boat is accepted (tickets, car rental receipts). If you don`t present a flight ticket to show you will be leaving Thailand within 30 days you may not receive the permission to enter the country. Applying for a visa on arrival is possible in certain cases;
•    A proof of having enough financial funds for staying in Thailand – you need at least THB 10.000 for your stay in Thailand. A bank account balance has to be presented with the immigration authorities at arrival in Thailand;
•    You have to pay a visa exemption fee in order to be allowed to enter Thailand.
Assistance in obtaining a visa exemption when entering Thailand can be provided to you by our law firm. Depending on the kind of visa, you are permitted to enter Thailand for a certain period of time. Your arrival date and the length of your stay are both listed on your passport or other travel documents. You can get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Thailand for any kind of legal assistance. With their services, you will able to immigrate to Thailand without facing unnecessary delays.

Extensions of the visa exemption waver

The government of Thailand changed visa legislation in order to promote tourism and attract large number of foreign visitors into the country. The Thai Immigration Bureau adopted new visa exemption regulations in August 2014. Tourists who enter Thailand under the visa exemption scheme can now apply for an extension of their stay for another 30 days. An extension fee of THB 1.900 has to be paid in order to benefit from a longer stay in Thailand. These new regulations for visa exemption only apply to tourists coming from 49 countries. Due to these changes, tourists can now stay in Thailand for 60 days, without applying for a visa in advance.
If you want to travel to Thailand on a visa exemption rule and want to know if you are eligible for this waiver, please contact our lawyers in Thailand.