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The Import of Alcohol in Thailand

The Import of Alcohol in Thailand

The Alcoholic Beverage Control Act of 2008 and the Liquor Act of 1950 are the two main laws that regulate the import, sale and the production of alcohol in Thailand. The term “spirit” is related to the combination of alcohol and other liquids, in order to be manufactured, sold or imported. If you are interested in obtaining an alcohol license in Thailand, you should solicit help and guidance from our Thai lawyer.

Details about the alcohol license in Thailand 

According to the Liquor Act B.E. 2493, the Excise Department or the Ministry of Finance in Thailand is in charge with the licensing of distributors and producers of alcoholic beverages and can provide you with the necessary license, if you wish to:

•    import alcohol;
•    transport alcohol;
•    manufacture alcohol;
•    sell alcohol beverages;
•    carry alcohol in certain cities or regions;
•    transport more than 10 liters of alcohol. In addition to guiding you about the import of alcohol in Thailand, our lawyers can also assist you with their other services. For instance; our immigration lawyers can offer you their expert services if you are planning to apply for residency in Thailand. There is a time limit for submitting a Thai permanent residency application. Normally, this is from October to December, but for 2019, the timeframe for submitting permanent residency applications has been announced as June to December. To learn about recent updates, get in touch with our lawyers.

Details about the alcohol import in Thailand

The distilled spirits (with more than 15% alcohol) and the un-distilled spirits (with less than 15% alcohol) are the two important types of alcohol you can import, manufacture or sell in Thailand. Individuals who wish to trade with the imported alcohol must prepare and show the following documents, with the proper help and suitable guidance from our Thailand lawyer:

•    business registration certificate;
•    a copy of the liquor license;
•    performa invoice;
•    identity card;
•    wine label sample.

In about one day you can obtain the import license, if the documents are provided and satisfy the legal forms, according to the rules and regulations in Thailand. The alcohol import in Thailand implies certain taxes, such as VAT, municipal tax, excise fee and customs duty that need to be paid by the by the alcohol manufacturers. Our lawyer in Thailand may help you understand the rules and regulations related to the import of alcohol in the country. You can also receive legal assistance for your company, no matter the type of activity you deal with.

The liquor license for bars and restaurants in Thailand

If you are a foreign businessman who wishes to open a bar or a restaurant and to legally sell alcohol beverages, you will need to obtain a Thai liquor license which is available for one year, with the possibility to extend it every year. The candidate needs to arrange the following documents:

•    company’s registration certificate;
•    registration documents of the restaurant, bar or pub;
•    identification card;
•    other documents related to your business.

Additional details and information about the import of alcohol in Thailand can be received if you contact our law firm in Thailand.