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Special Economic Zones in Thailand

Special Economic Zones in Thailand

Thailand is an important player on the international market, with a stable economy and numerous opportunities for investments in the most appreciated industries in the country. If you are a businessman from overseas, you might want to consider the 10 special economic zones in Thailand and benefit from the incentives and the conditions when setting up a company. Complete legal assistance and guidance can be obtained from our lawyers in Thailand if you want to open a company in the Thai free trade zones.

1. Tak special economic zone in Thailand

Found in the Western part of Thailand, the Tak province contains 14 sub-districts, has a developed infrastructure and it is an important channel to transport all sorts of good to Eastern Asia. The jewelry industry, the tourism, and the agriculture can be explored when deciding to start the activities in Tak special economic zone.

2. Sa Kaeo special economic zone in Thailand

The province of Sa Kaeo is located in the Eastern Thailand, has a multimodal transportation system and a developed agro-processing industry. The Generalized System of Preferences is a special tariff system where you can benefit from the reduction or the exemption of taxes on certain imported goods.

3. Trat special economic zone in Thailand

The Trat province is a regional tourist hub located in the Southern Coastal Economic Corridor, with a developed infrastructure and numerous projects in progress. Manufacturing, tourism, palm oil industry and the food industry are the main engines of the Trat province, where you can open a company and benefit from a special taxation system.

4. Mukdahan special economic zone in Thailand

Mukdahan province contains 11 sub-districts, has well-developed highways which connect the major cities around, and provide a proper transportation for exported goods to Vietnam and China. Numerous investors choose to open companies here and to benefit from the important Thai labor market.

5. Songkhla special economic zone in Thailand

Songkhla is an important business hub in Thailand, where the economic activities with Malaysia and Indonesia, the bordering states, have developed due to numerous projects and special collaborations. The services, the manufacturing, and the trading sectors make Songkhla province a respected and a developed area where the foreign investments are strongly encouraged. Our Thai lawyers can offer legal assistance if you want to open a company in Songkhla special economic zone.

6. Nong Khai special economic zone in Thailand

With important trade channels with the Peoples’ Republic of Laos, Nong Khai developed its infrastructure many years ago, supporting the important economic activities. Foreign investors are attracted to the residential area in Nong Khai, where opportunities can be explored. Nong Khai is an important logistic center, but also a hub for all kinds of international trading activities.

7. Narathiwat special economic zone in Thailand

The multimodal transportation system and the food industry are well developed in Narathiwat special economic zone in Thailand. Besides that, the rubber and the palm oil industry are the main sectors with fruitful activities and exports worldwide. The significant collaboration between Thailand and Malaysia through Narathiwat special free trade zone should be considered when deciding to set up a company in Thailand.

8. Chiang Rai special economic zone in Thailand

The province of Chiang Rai has 21 districts, it is a touristic attraction and an important food industry center. The logistic services in Chiang Rai are related to China, the neighboring country, both by sea and by land. The furniture, food, and tourism industries are among sectors with full potential. If you need a visa to enter Thailand, we recommend you to get in touch with our Thai lawyer who can provide you with legal assistance in this matter.

9. Nakhon Phanom special economic zone in Thailand

If you are interested in the agro-industry in Thailand, you should start your activities in Nakhon Phanom free trade zone, an important hub with important connections to Vietnam and China. In the past years, investors from abroad were attracted by the opportunities in tourism and by the residential zones, still applicable today.

10. Kanchanaburi special economic zone in Thailand

Kanchanaburi is one of the most important free trade zones in Thailand, with developed agriculture, eco-tourism, food, and beverages. The Dawei seaport connects Thailand to Myanmar, developing numerous trading activities. The industrial use of land makes important automotive and electronic companies settle their businesses in Kanchanaburi and benefit from the tax incentives that come with free trade zones in Thailand.

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