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Product Liability Regulations in Thailand

Product Liability Regulations in Thailand

The product liability regulations in Thailand are relevant for many persons. Manufacturers, retailers, distributors and clients should know that the law which regulates this sector is the Liability for Damages Arising from Unsafe Products Act (2008).Our law firm in Thailand offers to investors professional legal services as well as consultancy regarding the Thai legal framework. 

Main laws covering product liability in Thailand

The criteria based on which a product can be pronounced unsafe are given in the section 4 of the Unsafe Products Act of B.E. 2551 (2008). Other general regulations regarding the topic can be found in the Civil and Commercial Code

The importance of the regulations is that they bring light in matters of liability. The responsibility for a damaged product or for a product which affects the consumer can be sometimes hard to trace, unless the state provides a clear legal framework on the product liability matters. Depending on the industry in which you operate, our attorneys in Thailand can point to you the relevant articles in the Thai product liability law which may have an impact on your business activity. 

The content of the Thai product liability law

The Thai Product Liability Law begins with a definition of the key terms for this commercial area. The law explains what a product is and how damage can be identified, what is implied by selling a product and how can the law determine who is the damaged party. If you open a company who produces goods in Thailand you should consult a Thai lawyer to get familiarized with the product liability regulations.

Since the production involves several different parties, the law stipulates a procedure through which to identify the legal entity who can be considered responsible for a damage. If the components of a product have been delivered in good condition, the liable party might be the one dealing with the assemblage or even with the design of the product. 

In order to avoid unclear situations, the Thai Law concerning product liability encourages the elaboration of agreements between consumers and entrepreneurs, based on which a legal conflict can be more easily resolved. The law further provides how compensation must be given for damage as well as the attributions of the Consumer Protection Committee.

Feel free to contact our attorneys in Thailand for other questions concerning product liability in this country.