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Permanent Residence in Thailand

Permanent Residence in Thailand

People who have lived and worked in Thailand for many years can apply for a permanent residence (PR), which offers many advantages. This type of Permit can also be obtained by individuals who have companies in the country and do legal activities. Residency in Thailand is available for citizens from all over the world under specific regulations. Our immigration lawyers in Thailand can provide you with information and assistance if you wish to receive a Thai permanent residence or if you want legal services for your company

Permanent residence in Thailand offers many benefits, it lets you live forever in Thailand without having to extend your stay. There are numerous questions from foreigners always travelling to Thailand, the Land of Smiles, and what they can do to apply for Thai Permanent Residence status.

 Quick Facts  
Who can apply for permanent residency in Thailand?

Individuals who hold Thai non-immigrant visas for 3 years prior to the submission of application 

Benefits of permanent residence
in Thailand

Ease of buying property, business advantages, stay in Thailand without visa, no need to apply for work permit, etc.  

Requirements for permanent residency in Thailand

Must hold a Thai non-immigrant visa for 3 years, must meet the criteria for investment, business or education, etc.  
Documents required
for PR in Thailand 

Varies as per the category you apply for 

Permanent residency for investment purposes Yes
When to apply for PR in Thailand

At least 3 years after holding a non-immigrant visa 

Minimum investment for permanent residency

minimum 3 – 10 million Baht 

Standard application period for PR in Thailand October to the end of December
Who deals with PR applications? Royal Thai Immigration Commission
Minimum temporary residence before applying for permanent residence Minimum of 2 or more years
Citizenship after permanent residence 5 years after holding PR in Thailand 
Naturalization after permanent residence  10 years after holding PR in Thailand 
Permanent residence permit validity  Never expires unless revoked 

Minimum monthly salary
for Thai PR 

At least 80,000 Bhat
Dual citizenship permitted (Yes/No) Yes

Many want to permanently reside in Thailand since it is a highly sought-after destination within South East Asia, offering a moderate but comfortable quality of life.

It is also possible to have your name printed on a house registration certificate, and you can purchase a condo without requiring a bank transfer from overseas. In addition, the process of getting a work permit is easy when you are PR-certified. Additionally, you could also be qualified to become a director of a Thai public firm and eventually apply to be a legal Thai citizen. Finally, you can also apply for an extension of your stay or permanent residence status for non-Thai relatives.

If you want to become a permanent resident of Thailand, you can read about the rules and requirements in this article.

Requirements to obtain a permanent residence in Thailand in 2024

The Thai permanent residence permit allows every individual to live legally and permanently without extending the visa. It is good to know that this type of Permit lets you purchase a property on the legal terms in this matter and without making money transfers overseas. However, there are certain documents you need to prepare and requirements to consider to apply for permanent residence in Thailand, such as:

  • You need to have a non-immigrant visa for more than three years;
  • You can financially support your family;
  • You wish to obtain citizenship for business purposes or employment;
  • You want to join a family member with a permit of residency;
  • You are an academic, and you wish to do research in specific fields.

 The application form can be filled out at the Consulate, where you will also need to present a valid ID and pay a certain fee. The Immigration Office in Bangkok is in charge of issuing residence permits. The officer in control of your application will invite you to an interview based on questions related to your status, religion, and work. Our Thai lawyers can guide you when preparing the documents and other essential aspects of permanent residence in Thailand in 2024. 

If you decide to become a permanent resident in Thailand, you must first obtain a temporary resident card.

Eligibility criteria for permanent residency in Thailand

To be eligible for a Thailand permanent residence permit, you must meet any of these requirements:

Work: You have held Thailand work visa and work permit for at least three years. You are eligible for an Extension of Stay based on employment at the time of your application. You have worked for your current workplace for at minimum one year before the date of the application. You received a monthly wage at a minimum of 80.000 Baht for two straight years or submitted a tax return for the year with an income at a minimum of 100,000 Baht for two consecutive years.

Investment: It is necessary to have at least a million Baht in a private or public corporation in Thailand. 

Family members: Family members must be close to a Thai citizen (parent or spouse, child or parent).

Experts: You have at minimum attained a BA Degree and are employed in a position where you must work a minimum of three years consecutively.

Additional categories which are considered eligible by the Immigration Department. But, on top of the above, any applicant for the right to apply for a Permanent Residence in Thailand cannot exceed the permitted number of licenses per nation. This is because The Thai government can only issue 100 Permits to stay in Thailand for one year each year.

Interview with the immigration officer in Thailand

The Thai Immigration Law stipulates specific requirements related to the residence permit for 2024, such as:

  •  The immigration officer can visit your residence and interview a family member;
  • The candidate will need to pass the Thai language test;
  • The immigration officer can ask questions about your career, family, and intentions related to your application for a permanent residency in Thailand.

Our immigration lawyers in Thailand advise you to opt for a sincere approach and offer transparency and correctness regarding your social condition, family, assets, career, and professional skills. If you want to obtain residency in Thailand in 2024, do not hesitate to use our legal services.

Essential characteristics of permanent residence in Thailand in 2024

Suppose your application for permanent residency has been approved. In that case, you will receive the blue book to register the place you live, and the next step is to register with the local police and obtain the Thai Identity Card, a red book. After that, a residence permit is available for an extended period and will help you leave the country and return without any other restrictions. The next stage is to apply for Thai citizenship, and the primary condition is ten straight years of living in Thailand. If you have any other questions about obtaining a Thai permanent residence, you may interact with our law firm in Thailand for additional information.

There are certain essential conditions to meet to receive a residence permit in Thailand. Our Thai lawyers can provide you with information, guidance, and legal assistance if you wish to obtain a residence permit in the country. Besides knowing the Thai language, you should consider many other essential aspects when applying for a permanent residency in Thailand. In this article, we will guide you to be prepared for this matter step by step.

If you are a foreign citizen and are interested in immigration to Thailandyou can rely on our support.

Application process for Thai permanent residence permit

All Thai permanent residence visa applications must be submitted to the Royal Thai Immigration Office. It is essential to know that Thailand has a quota per year to grant permanent residence, with up to 100 applicants per country each year. Therefore, this visa application is generally only accepted from October to the year’s close.

If you have been approved for a permanent residence in Thailand, you will be given the blue book of residence. After receiving this book, you will need to verify the place you reside within Thailand, and you will then receive an identity card for your house. After you have received the residence certificate, you can make an application for an “alien” card (red book) at your police station in your area. 

Your alien book is the version of your Thai National ID Card, and it needs to be renewed every year. The Permanent Residence in Thailand visa never expires unless it is revoked; however, you could cancel your visa if you leave and return to Thailand without a re-entry permit. After ten years of continuous use with a Thai permanent residence visa, you may apply to become a Thai naturalized citizen.

In addition to this, if you are seeking information for a Thai business visa, you can get in touch with the skilled lawyers located at our law firm in Thailand. 

Importance of a residence permit in Thailand

If your application is accepted, the immigration officer will grant the foreign candidates a 180 days extension of stay. Besides that, there are many advantages when having a residence permit in Thailand, and we remind the following:

  • The children born in Thailand will acquire Thai nationality;
  • A foreign citizen with a residence permit has the chance to become the manager of a public company in Thailand;
  • After five years of being a permanent resident in Thailand, the individual can obtain citizenship.

Our Thai lawyers have elaborated a concise list of answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning immigration to Thailand

Frequently asked questions about Thai permanent residency

If you apply for a Thai permanent residence, you have to prove basic knowledge of the Thai language. Moreover, you need to have lived in this country for the last three years. 

1. Is it complicated to get a Thai permanent residence permit?

There are several categories of permits for permanent residence in Thailand, depending on the reason which makes you apply for this authorization. For example, apply for the Permit for humanitarian reasons. The conditions might differ from those imposed on people who apply for a permanent residence permit to conduct business in this country. One of our lawyers in Thailand can inform you of the requirements applicable to each category and help you start the application process.

2. Is there a list of documents required for the application?

In the application process, you must provide a copy of your passport or ID and documents that prove your stay in Thailand was longer than three years. After the payment of the application fee, you can submit other supporting documents that can convince the authorities on the grounds for your application. A bank statement that can present your financial situation is also required. 

3. When can I apply for a permanent residence permit in Thailand?

The standard application period for residence in Thailand is from October to December each year. Our lawyers can keep you updated on the deadlines for your application for becoming a permanent resident of Thailand.

4. What are the benefits of a permanent residence permit?

The permanent residence permit saves time and costs for those who intend to stay in Thailand for long periods or decide to move to this country. When you have a permanent residence permit, you do not have to apply for a visa each time you enter this country. You also benefit from additional rights such as the right to own a house and be elected to the board of a Thai public company.

5.  What authority receives the applications for a Thai permanent residence permit?

To start an application for obtaining permanent residence in Thailand, you should address the Royal Thai Immigration Commission. 

6. Is there a fee requiring payment within the application for a Thai permanent residence permit?

Yes. The authorities require that you pay a non-refundable fee of 7,600 Baht along with the application. An additional fee of 191,400 Baht is charged if you obtain approval to stay in Thailand indefinitely. 

7.  Are there more steps when applying for permanent residence in Thailand?

After submitting the documentation to the authorities, applicants need to pass an interview to provide information on their reasons to stay in Thailand. The interview will take place in the Thai language.  

8. What level do I need to have in the Thai language to pass the interview for a Thai permanent residence permit?

The authorities do not require you to have a native level to obtain a permanent residence permit. However, if you have difficulties reading the questions, an assistant from the Immigration Office will help you. 

9.  Is there a limit on how many persons can obtain a permanent residence permit in one year?

Yes. The Thai government imposed a quota of 100 persons per year from each country to obtain permanent residence in Thailand

What are the benefits of being a permanent resident in Thailand?

If you are granted permanent residence in Thailand in 2024, you can avail these advantages:

  • You can apply for an accessible work permit;
  • There is no need to obtain a Thai visa extension every year;
  • There is no requirement to provide a 90-Day report (although there are conflicting data regarding the 90-Day Report, and it is essential to confirm this before submitting your application);
  • You can purchase real estate within Thailand without transferring funds from overseas;
  • You can get an Alien Registration Certificate;
  • If you have children living in Thailand, the children will be granted Thai citizenship;
  • House registration is available within the blue Thai house book;
  • You can be appointed as a director in a Thai public company;
  • You may apply to extend the stay or obtain permanent residency for your family members who are not Thai.

If you need to know additional benefits you can get after acquiring permanent residence in Thailand, you are welcome to interact with our lawyers without any hesitation. Our skilled immigration lawyers in Thailand will provide you with comprehensive guidance regarding relocation procedure. In addition to this, if you are interested in immigration to Thailand, our specialists can assist you. There are various visas kinds that the Thai government offers and among them, one is a family visa. It is possible to apply for a Non-Immigrant Visa Category “O” that permits family members of foreigners employed in Thailand to stay for up to one year. If you want to relocate to this country to visit your family, consult with our agents. 

Costs of Thailand permanent residence permit

After your application is accepted, you must pay an additional fee to obtain the permanent residence in Thailand permit certificate:

  • 95,700 Thai Baht if you apply for a permanent residency based on your marriage to a Thai citizen;
  • 191,400 Thai Baht if you apply for permanent residency on the grounds of your employment as an investor, expert, etc;

Thailand is home to millions of expats

Between 3 and 4 million foreigners resided and worked in Thailand as of 2023, accounting for 5% to 6% of the country’s total population. Over half of the 156,596 expats in the first quarter of 2023 reside in Bangkok. In 2022, Chinese, Indian, and Japanese people made up the top three nationalities; nevertheless, apparently, more and more Chinese people are purchasing condos in Thailand.

The cost of living in Thailand is a big factor in the country’s appeal as a relocation destination for foreigners. The cost of living in Thailand is, on average, 45.2% cheaper than in the US and 35% cheaper than in the UK, according to Numbeo. If one is considering making Thailand their new home, it is certain to provide an amazing experience due to its rich cultural diversity and tradition.

If you have more questions about applying for a Thai permanent residence permit, feel free to contact our law firm for further details and professional legal advice. We are at your disposal if you want to apply for residency in Thailand. If you need help with obtaining a residency permit in Thailand, the services of our agents are at your disposal. If a foreign citizen has been allowed to stay in the Country for a minimum of three years before the application date, they are eligible to apply for a residence permit. Depending on a statement made by the interior minister, applications are accepted at different times of the year.