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Open a Company in the Thai Healthcare Sector

Open a Company in the Thai Healthcare Sector

Thailand offers high quality medical services for affordable prices; therefore it has a blooming healthcare sector which attracts both local and foreign investors. Depending on your objectives you could specialize on particular medical services such as stomatology and open for example a dental clinic. Or, you could invest in a larger medical company which aims at providing more extended treatment. The Thai regulations concerning the establishment of a healthcare company include for most cases the requirement for a business visa. Our law firm in Thailand is ready to assist you with the company formation issues that you will encounter. 

Why open a Thai healthcare company

Since the last years, many start-ups have been launched in the Thai healthcare sector. It is a continuously developing area which uses high level technology in order to rise the quality and cost efficiency of the medical services.  

Even if there are certain particular requirements regarding the formation of a medical company in Thailand, the Thai government strongly encourages and supports foreign investment in this area. The Affordable Care Act, and the rules concerning Food and Drug Administration show the interest of the Thai state for a responsible medical system.

Our attorneys in Thailand can explain you in detail the regulations concerning the healthcare sector in Thailand so that you can set up your medical company in perfect compliance with the law. 

First steps in healthcare company formation in Thailand

One of the key factors in the opening of a healthcare company in Thailand is to allocate enough funds to medical equipment and technological devices. With a fast modernizing medical sector, you will need to employ the web and mobile platforms which can help you organize medical treatments and keep track of important data concerning disease evolution.

Another important aspect you need to keep in mind when you set up a healthcare company in Thailand is to comply with the Thai company law. This means that you need to apply for registration with the Department of Business Development, registration in which you need to provide enough information concerning the organization and structuring of your enterprise. 

Our team can give you complete information on the Thai business visa, which is required if you wish to open a company.

Don’t hesitate to contact our Thai lawyers, who are ready to assist you with gathering the needed documentation, so that you can allocate your time to other elements involved in your company formation process, which might require your full attention.