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Move to Thailand from UK

Move to Thailand from UK

Like many other individuals, if you are planning to immigrate to Thailand from UK, you are recommended to obtain legal assistance. Moving from one country to another is not an easy choice, but legal assistance can keep you from making any blunders. You can import various things of your use, but there is also a list of prohibited and restricted items that are not in your interest to move to Thailand from UK. You can rely on the legal services of our lawyers in Thailand if you are seriously thinking about relocation from UK. Our experienced lawyers will guide you regarding your needs in Thailand and they can also help you in choosing a suitable Thai visa.

You can get guidance from our lawyers regarding the necessary documents for the submission of visa applications. Although the key documents consist of a passport, birth certificate, medical record, financial statement, health insurance, and UK criminal record check. But the visa process also requires additional documents that vary depending on your purpose of travel to Thailand.

What visas does Thailand offer?

If you are seeking to move to Thailand from UK, you must obtain a visa first. Please find below a general guide to Thai visas:

  • Study visa: if you are planning to relocate to Thailand for the purpose of studies, you should apply for a non-immigrant ED visa. Under this visa type, you will be able to study, participate in projects, or conduct a work-study tour in Thailand;
  • Work visa: if you are interested in working in Thailand, you should apply for a non-immigrant B visa. Under this visa type, you will be able to conduct business, work as an English teacher, sports coach, or take part in a non-curricular internship. Those individuals seeking to work in Thailand can also apply for a SMART visa, but it is only available for specific fields;
  • Retired individuals: if you are aged above 50 years and looking to retire to Thailand, you should apply for a non-immigrant O-X visa. But you must fulfill the financial requirement set by the Thai authorities to get this visa.

You can rely on the legal services of our lawyers if you want to get any of the visas described above. In addition, our lawyers will help you to move to Thailand from UK.

Why is moving to Thailand a good choice for a UK citizen?

Thailand is the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, and the cost of living here is cheaper than the other countries. Being a UK resident, you can teach English because it is an easy option to find, but you must obtain a work permit to work in Thailand. If you plan to immigrate to Thailand from UK along with your children, then you do not need to worry about their schooling. Thailand has many international schools with programmes varying from British GCSEs and A levels to the International Baccalaureate.

If you plan to relocate from the UK, then Thailand seems like a good option because it has an excellent employment rate. This country also covers the schooling of your children by offering British styled education. Above all, Thailand is an emerging spot for tourists because of its beauty and cheap living costs. If you are ready to enjoy all these benefits in one country, you can trust the legal services of our Thai attorneys. They will help you throughout the process of relocation.

Immigrants in Thailand

As the economy of Thailand is boosting, the number of immigrants is also increasing in this country; please find below the number of immigrants in Thailand from 2005-2017:

  • In 2005, about 2,163 thousand immigrants were living in Thailand;
  • In 2010, the number of immigrants living in Thailand increased to 3,224 thousand;
  • In 2015, Thailand welcomed 3,913 thousand immigrants;
  • In 2017, the number of immigrants living in Thailand was 3.589 thousand.

Contact our law firm in Thailand if you are interested in relocation from UK. Our lawyers will provide a step-by-step guide to the aspirants interested to immigrate to Thailand from UK. As a foreigner, if you are interested in opening a company in Thailand, you can get legal help from our seasoned lawyers in this regard also, because opening a company from scratch in a foreign country can be complicated.