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Move to Thailand from Australia

Move to Thailand from Australia

If you want to move to Thailand from Australia, you are welcome to interact with our seasoned lawyers. Our attorneys in Thailand will provide you with detailed information in this regard.

Thai visa application procedure 

If you want to relocate to Thailand from Australia, you are advised to get legal consultation from our Thai lawyers.
They can provide you with detailed step-by-step guidance regarding moving to Thailand from Australia. However, general guidance is also provided below:

  • You must fill out the visa application form; you can pick one up at the Thai Embassy or you can simply get in touch with our Thai lawyers who can handle this entire process;
  • Carefully fill out all of the application’s essential fields. Do not forget to sign the application form after it is finished;
  • All the checklist items should be gathered, put in the proper order, and keep them ready for submission;
  • For the visa application, provide a recent color image of yourself. Confirm that your photo satisfies or adheres to all of the requirements for visa photos. Your photo must, in any case, be no older than six months;
  • Verify the costs associated with applying for a visa. Keep your application form and payment prepared for submission;
  • Schedule a time to submit your visa application at the Thai Embassy, our attorneys can also handle this for you;
  • Show up at the designated time and turn in your filled-out visa application together with all necessary paperwork and your photos;
  • You will be instructed to pay the necessary money for your visa application if your application and supporting documents are in order;
  • You will be informed after your application has been processed and the visa has been issued.

For any additional details, you can consult with our attorneys in Thailand

Furthermore, if you need a virtual office in Thailand, our lawyers can guide you about the available virtual office packages. 

Types of visas in Thailand

The following are the several types of visas available from the Thai embassy or consulate, depending on your trip purpose:

  • Visa for transit;
  • Visa for tourists;
  • Visa for non-immigrants (B, O, ED, OA etc.);
  • Thai elite visa;
  • Visa for diplomatic or official purposes;
  • Visa on a courtesy basis. 

To relocate to Thailand from Australia, you can apply for any of the above visas. However, it is advisable to seek legal guidance from our immigration lawyers.

They will provide you with comprehensive advice about how to move to Thailand from Australia

Besides this, if you need trademark registration in Thailand, you can get the help of our Thai attorneys. 

Thai elite visa for Australians

Thailand elite visas are for long-term that fall within the Privilege Entry Visa category.

This visa allows Australian residents to enjoy privileges for a period of five to twenty years, depending on the package selected, in exchange for a membership fee.

The elite visa is a multiple-entry, 5-year renewable visa with an optional one-year extension for each entry.

Australians who reside in Thailand or travel there frequently but do not want to cope with Thailand’s cumbersome visa process should apply for this visa.

This includes digital nomads who do not want to do visa runs, retirees who do not want to feel stressed out by the constant introduction of new, complex rules, and investors or business people who need to fly in and out of Thailand frequently.

To apply for this visa, you are welcome to get in touch with our experienced Thai immigration lawyers. They can guide you about the membership fee for acquiring an elite visa. You can immigrate to Thailand from Australia with the practical legal assistance of our lawyers. 

Thai business visa for Australians 

Business visas are typically issued to those Australians who are employed or managing a business in Thailand.

You will be able to stay for your first 90 days. Your visit may be extended by one or two years once you have received your work permit.

Without the assistance of an organization in Thailand, you cannot obtain a business visa. Bring your documents such as your education certificate, job contract, and certificate of employment along with the corporate documents when you apply for a business visa at the Thai embassy or consulate nearest you in Australia.

If you currently have a visa and are in Thailand, you can cancel it, request a visa extension, and apply for a business visa at a Thai immigration office.

You can extend your business visa in Thailand when it is near to expire. You have the option of applying for either a single-entry or a multiple-entry business visa.

It would be advisable to choose a multiple-entry visa right away if you want to depart Thailand frequently throughout your visit. If not, you would have to apply for a re-entry permit each time you leave.

The immigration lawyers at our law firm in Thailand can help you get a business visa. It is crucial to submit the right documents when applying for a business visa. Our lawyers will not only assist you to collect the related paperwork, but they can also offer you practical help if you want to extend your Thai visa. 

Thai retirement visa for Australian citizens

The Thai retirement visa is provided to Australian residents who intend to travel and retire in Thailand. Before applying for the Thai Retirement visa, you must first secure a 90-day or a 1-year non-immigrant O visa from your home country or place of residency. Any of the following financial conditions must be met:

  • Before the visa application, make a security deposit of THB 800,000 in a Thai bank account for two months;
  • A monthly income of 65,000 THB is regularly deposited into a Thai bank account.

Our lawyers in Thailand can guide you further about the capital requirements necessary to fulfill if, as a retiree, you want to move to Thailand from Australia.

90-day non-immigrant Thai visa for Australian citizens

The Thai tourist visa is not the same as the 90-day non-immigrant visa. Please call or visit the nearest Thai Embassy or Consulate in your country if you desire to apply for a tourist visa to Thailand.

The 90-day Thai visa is a one-time entry visa that permits the holder to visit Thailand and stay for 90 days. It is meant to be provided to persons who seek to do official responsibilities or religious activities, conduct business, work, study in Thailand, visit relatives, and engage in other activities, first for 90 days and subsequently changed to a longer-term visa.

For further information regarding how can you move to Thailand from Australia on a 90-day non-immigrant visa, you can interact with our skilled lawyers.

In addition to this, you can also rely on our lawyers if you want Thailand digital nomad visa.

The benefits of a 90-day non-immigrant Thai visa

The 90-day non-Immigrant visa to Thailand for Australian nationals has the following benefits:

  • Valid for 90 days in Thailand from the date of admission;
  • For 90 days, this coupon is valid;
  • Possibility of obtaining a work visa in Thailand;
  • Possibility of applying for a stay extension in Thailand;
  • Possibility of opening a bank (savings) account in Thailand;
  • Upon submission of relevant documentation, the Thai Immigration Bureau may grant an extension at its discretion.

If you are willing to immigrate to Thailand from Australia, you can get information from our attorneys. The skilled lawyers at our law firm in Thailand will provide you with legal assistance during the process of applying for a non-immigrant visa.

The 1-year non-immigrant Thai visa for Australian citizens

Applicants who intend to enter Thailand to perform official responsibilities or religious activities, conduct business or investment, work, study, visit family, or for other reasons will be granted a one-year non-immigrant visa.

If you want to immigrate to Thailand from Australia on a 1-year non-immigrant visa, you can acquire the legal services of our skilled lawyers.

The benefits of a 1-year non-immigrant Thai visa

For Australian nationals, a one-year non-immigrant visa to Thailand has the following benefits:

  • Multiple-entry visas to Thailand are available;
  • For one calendar year, this offer is valid;
  • From the arrival date in Thailand, the stay is valid for 90 days per entrance;
  • Possibility of obtaining a work visa in Thailand;
  • Possibility of applying for a one-year extension of stay in Thailand;
  • Possibility of opening a bank (savings) account in Thailand;

Extensions in visas are at the discretion of the Thai Immigration Bureau and are contingent on the submission of relevant documentation. So, if you are planning to move to Thailand from Australia, you are welcome to interact with our lawyers.

Our knowledgeable immigration lawyers in Thailand will provide you with detailed information in this regard. Furthermore, you can also rely on our lawyers if you are planning to apply for a business visa.

Thai visa exemption program 

Visas from a Thai Embassy or Consulate are not required for entry into Thailand for those whose countries are included in the Visa Exemption Program.

Most nations covered by the Visa Exemption Program are granted a 30-day stay upon arrival in Thailand. As part of this initiative, some nationalities may come to Thailand, but only temporarily.

It is crucial to figure out how long you can visit Thailand without needing to apply for a visa by checking the country exemption list.

As an Australian national, you do need to acquire a visa to move to Thailand from Australia. However, it is recommended to consult with our Thai lawyers on how to plan your temporary relocation to Thailand. 

Immigration statistics in Thailand

Please find below the immigration statistics in Thailand

  • In 2015, Thailand’s immigrants totaled 3,913,258.00, up 21.37 percent from 2010;
  • In 2010, the figures for immigrants in Thailand were 3,224,131.00, up 49.03 percent from 2005;
  • In 2005, Thailand welcomed 2,163,447.00 immigrants, up 72 percent from 2000;
  • Thailand’s total immigration in 2000 was 1,257,821.00, up 55.34 percent from 1995.

Contact skilled lawyers located at our law firm in Thailand for obtaining any assistance with immigration.

They will help you move to Thailand from Australia by providing complete legal service. In addition to the relocation, you are also welcome to get in touch with our lawyers if you are planning to obtain residency in Thailand