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Obtain a Marriage Visa in Thailand

Obtain a Marriage Visa in Thailand

If you are planning to apply for a marriage visa in Thailand, our lawyers can assist you. Our immigration lawyers in Thailand can provide you with step-by-step guidance throughout the procedure of acquiring a Thai spouse visa

Furthermore, if you are interested to apply for a long-term visa, you can still interact with our immigration lawyers in Thailand. 

The application process for non-immigrant O spouse visa in Thailand 

Please be aware that there is no direct application process for a Thai marriage visa. To avoid the potential of a failed visa application, you must pay close attention to the requirements and other variables surrounding the entire process.

Our Thai lawyers can guide you through the whole application procedure of acquiring a marriage visa in Thailand. Their assistance can help you to obtain a spouse visa in this country hassle-free. You can also find below the fundamental requirements for requesting a marriage visa in Thailand:

  • Before applying for a Thai marriage visa, you must first get a 90-day non-immigrant O visa from the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your home country or place of residency. The neighboring nations of Thailand also offer the 90-day non-immigrant visa;
  • You must travel to Thailand to activate the initial non-immigrant O visa after obtaining the non-immigrant visa;
  • You must get ready with all the paperwork required to change your non-immigrant O visa into a marriage visa;
  • The 90-day stay permit will expire 30 days after the extension is granted;
  • The Immigration Office receives the visa extension application together with all required supporting documentation. The one-year spouse visa in Thailand may require around a month of processing time.

As long as the foreigner has already fulfilled the conditions for the non-immigrant O visa and the one-year Thai marriage visa applications, he/she on a visa exemption stamp or a tourist visa may still apply for a Thai marriage visa inside Thailand. The foreigner and Thai spouse’s local immigration office in the province where they reside can help with this.

Or our lawyers can also assist you. If you are a foreigner who needs to apply for a non-immigrant O spouse visa in Thailand, you are welcome to get in touch with our lawyers. Our immigration lawyers in Thailand can describe to you the whole set of requirements that you are required to fulfill.

Such legal compliance can help you to stay away from any trouble or unnecessary delays while immigrating to Thailand. Besides a marriage visa in Thailand, if you are planning to apply for a business visa, please consult with our attorneys. They can help you to get a Thai business visa.

Types of non-immigrant O visa in Thailand

Applicants who are legally married to a Thai citizen may be given a non-immigrant O spouse visa. Please verify that you qualify to apply for this visa at the Thai Embassy. Or you can also discuss your circumstances with our lawyers and they can guide you if you can apply for a marriage visa in Thailand. If you are eligible for application, you have two options:

  • Multiple entry non-immigrant O visa: It is valid for one year following the application date;
  • Single-entry non-immigrant O visa: Valid for 90 days following the date of application. After entering Thailand, visa holders can get in touch with the Immigration Bureau of Thailand to request an extension of their stay and a permit for re-entry.

If you want to apply for any of the above marriage visas, you are recommended to get the legal services of local lawyers because they know the legal regulations much better. So, if you are planning to immigrate to Thailand, our lawyers can assist you. Furthermore, if you want to apply for Thai residency, our lawyers can also help you with this application.

Financial requirements to obtain a marriage visa in Thailand

To apply for a spouse visa in Thailand, you are required to comply with some financial requirements. The lawyers at our law firm in Thailand can describe these requirements to you in detail. However, you can also find a general guide about said criteria below:

  • a security deposit of THB 400,000 (USD 10,528) held for at least two months in a Thai bank account before the visa application;
  • earning at least THB 40,000 (USD 1053) each month. To prove this income, a letter from the foreign embassy must be presented.

Please contact our law firm in Thailand. Our immigration lawyers can help you apply for a Thai spouse visa.

In addition to this, our lawyers can also assist you if you want to get a virtual office in Thailand. You can get details regarding the virtual office packages from our lawyers and select any of your choices.