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Litigation Attorneys in Thailand

Litigation Attorneys in Thailand

The legal system in Thailand is based upon the civil law; the cases are decided on the evidence presented by the parties involved, as Thailand does not have a jury system. According to the local legislation, any natural or juridical person (local or foreign) is allowed to bring suits against a party. Persons interested in solving a litigious case can receive the legal assistance of our litigation lawyers in Thailand, who have an extensive experience in this field. 

Litigation in Thailand 

If you are a foreign natural person or a foreign company involved a litigious case in Thailand, you are not required to be present on the Thai territory during the trial. Your Thai lawyer will act on your behalf and your presence will be required when the court will appoint you. 

The procedure of the trial can become more complicated for a foreigner who is not domiciled in Thailand, as the service of summons is completed with the help of diplomatic institutions.

Our litigation attorneys in Thailand can offer you assistance for various litigation cases or commercial disputes. Foreigners are advised to receive the help of local attorneys, as they are familiar with the legal and arbitration proceedings. 

Several disputes related to various legal domains can appear in Thailand and our local attorneys are ready to help you resolve them. Disputes may arise in the following fields:

•    criminal law;
•    civil law (numerous legal matters are also related to immigration to Thailand);
•    family law;
•    personal injury;
•    labor;
•    extradition;
•    intellectual property;
•    trading.

Commercial litigation in Thailand 

Commercial litigation refers to a wide range of subjects, such as: contract disputes, breach of contract, debt collection and intellectual property disputes. 

Commercial disputes are addressed to the Thai Arbitration Institute and the Thai Commercial Arbitration Committee. It is customarily for local courts to promote a settlement that will satisfy both parties, through the Alternative Dispute Resolution.

If you need legal representation before any court of justice in Thailand, please contact our team of litigation lawyers