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Inheritance Law in Thailand

Inheritance Law in Thailand

The Thai Inheritance Law stipulates the rules related to the distribution of properties or any assets of a deceased person who has or doesn’t have a will. People in Thailand, no matter if they are nationals or expats, choose to make legal testaments with the necessary details about the eligible persons who can benefit from the assets. Our Thai lawyers can provide you with information and legal assistance if you want to make a will.

How to make a will in Thailand

According to the Civil and Commercial Code, a will is an official document where an individual declares all the details related to his belongings that need to be handled after his death. A will must be signed in front of two witnesses, but it isn’t necessary to also be notarized.

It is good to know that the testament can be created as a public document at the local Amphur where the officers in charge or the testators will register the last wishes and declarations related to the assets of a person. According to the rules and regulations of the country, minors and persons with disabilities cannot witness a testament. Our Thailand lawyers can provide you with the necessary information if you want to make a will or if you need legal services for you or your company.

How to transfer the ownership of a condominium

An overseas citizen who obtains a house by inheritance as a successor will enter its possession within one year from the date of acquisition. Before that, he will receive an official notice within 60 days starting with the date of the ownership of the house. The foreign citizen needs to qualify according to the rules and regulations stipulated under the Condominium Act, if not, he must dispose the assets or the inherited condominium within one year. The Department of the Land in Thailand will intervene if the overseas citizen will not dispose the assets and can sell the condominium without needing any approvals. Our lawyers in Thailand can provide you with the needed help if you want to make a will or if you need assistance in any other legal matter.

How to transfer the foreign land possession by succession

An overseas citizen who is married to a Thai national can apply for permission of ownership of the inherited land from his/her Thai spouse. But the Land Code Act in Thailand does not allow a foreigner to register the inherited land in the country and there are no treaties to regulate this matter for the moment.

If you need assistance or help when making the will, please feel free to contact our law firm in Thailand.