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Immigrate to Thailand from Russia

Immigrate to Thailand from Russia

The bilateral agreement with Thailand allows Russian citizens to remain in this country for up to 30 days if they enter by an international airport or a land border checkpoint from a nearby country, such as Laos, Myanmar, or Cambodia. As a Russian national, you can consult with one of our Thai lawyers to learn more about your eligibility for a Thai visa.

You are welcome to get in touch with our immigration lawyers in Thailand. They will provide you with legal assistance throughout the procedure if you are planning to immigrate to Thailand from Russia.

Relocation options in Thailand

There are various visa options available on which you can immigrate to Thailand from Russia. Please find below a general guide to different visa options, our lawyers can help you relocate to Thailand from Russia if you meet these visa requirements:

Thai “O” or “OA” visa

  • You must be at least fifty years old;
  • 65,000 THB pension or 800,000 THB pension in a Thai bank, or a combination of both;
  • 90-day travel visa (single entry) followed by a one-year stay in Thailand (multiple entries).

Thailand’s “O” visa

  • Dependents or direct family members of non-immigrant visa holders;
  • A Thai kid’s guardian or direct family, or a student or foreign child;
  • 90-day travel visa (single entry) followed by a one-year stay in Thailand (multiple entries).

Thai tourist visa

  • Only for tourism reasons, not for business or work;
  • Staying for 30 or 60 days is possible;
  • Another 30-day extension can be granted.

Thai study visa

  • Thailand offers study trips and training activities;
  • 90-day travel visa (single entry) followed by a one-year stay in Thailand (multiple entries).

Thai business visa

  • Conduct business or work for a Thai firm;
  • 90-day travel visa (single entry) followed by a one-year stay in Thailand (multiple entries).

These are the visa types you can apply for if you want to immigrate to Thailand from Russia. Our attorneys in Thailand can provide you with practical legal help throughout the whole relocation procedure. Furthermore, if you are seeking any help to acquire a Thai business visa, you can consult with our skilled lawyers located at our law firm in Thailand.

Thai visa processing time

The length of time it takes to get a Thai visa is determined by whose diplomatic representative office you apply to. Some claim to process it in two working days, while others claim it would take longer. However, from the time the Thai embassy receives your entire application, you should anticipate waiting 5-10 working days for your Thai visa to be processed. As a result, make sure you apply far ahead of your trip date.

For speedy visa processing, you can get help from our attorneys in Thailand. They will help you to immigrate to Thailand from Russia as fast as possible.

Permanent residence in Thailand

After you relocate to Thailand from Russia, you can apply for residence. There are several benefits to becoming a permanent resident (PR) in this country. It permits you to stay in Thailand indefinitely without having to seek a visa extension. You may also put your name on a house registration paperwork and acquire a condominium without having to make a bank transfer from another country. Having permanent resident status also makes it easier to obtain a work visa in this country.

You may also be qualified to serve as a director of a Thai public firm and eventually petition to become a naturalized Thai citizen. Your non-Thai family members will be allowed to obtain a stay extension and permanent resident status.

Once you immigrate to Thailand from Russia and want to apply for residency, you can interact with our lawyers. Besides providing you with detailed information about the advantages of acquiring Thai residence, they will also assist you in the process of applying for Thai residency. Detailed legal support throughout the whole process can make the process of obtaining Thai residency less complicated.

Russian population in Thailand

If you want to immigrate to Thailand from Russia, you must know that this country has a sizeable Russian population already. So, you might not have to do lots of effort to assimilate. For instance, the South China Morning Post reported on the following:

  • More than 50,000 Russians reside in Pattaya, Thailand;
  • With an entire population of roughly 320,262, having 50,000 Russians residing in Pattaya is a significant figure;
  • In Pattaya, Russians account for more than 15% of the overall population.

Contact our law firm if you want to move to Thailand from Russia. Our skilled immigration lawyers can provide you with legal help regarding immigration.

It is further advised to acquire legal assistance while applying for a Thai visa. The legal support at this step can help you avoid general mistakes that can cause unnecessary delays in getting a visa.