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Immigrate to Thailand from New Zealand

Immigrate to Thailand from New Zealand

People seeking to immigrate to Thailand from New Zealand can choose to apply for short or long-term visas, but also for permanent residence permits under certain circumstances.

The country is quite offering in terms of resident passes New Zealand citizens can apply for. If you want to move there, our immigration lawyers in Thailand are at your disposal with various relocation services.

Options for persons seeking to move to Thailand from New Zealand

For nationals interested in relocating to Thailand from New Zealand, the choice between various types of residence permits depends on the reason of immigration. Here is an overview of their options:

  • the non-immigrant visa that comes in two forms with different validity periods;
  • the business visa that addresses job seekers and entrepreneurs;
  • the marriage visa which is available for foreign citizens, New Zealanders included,  married to Thai nationals;
  • the retirement visa which can be obtained by those over the age of 50 interested in retiring to Thailand.

These are just some of the interesting options for various group ages of people who want to immigrate to Thailand from New Zealand.

Our Thai lawyers are at your disposal in helping you choose the visa that suits you the most, if you enter any of these categories.

How to relocate to Thailand from New Zealand based on a non-immigrant visa

Those who aim for permanent residency in Thailand may wonder why they should choose a non-immigrant visa. This is one of the best options to see if living in this country suits them. Also, it has two different validity periods, one longer than the other.

For example, the 90-day non-immigrant visa is available to citizens of New Zealand who move to Thailand for:

  • business;
  • education;
  • family visits;
  • official visits;
  • religious purposes.

This 90-day single-entry visa is useful for opening a bank account or applying for a work permit in Thailand.

The second option for those who want to immigrate to Thailand from New Zealand is the 1-year non-immigrant visa that allows those who intend to stay for a lengthy period of time to make numerous entries. This type of visa has a maximum stay of 90 days per entry.

For long-term immigration to Thailand, other options are available.

Our attorneys in Thailand can help you apply for both short and long-term residence permits.

How to immigrate to Thailand from New Zealand as a businessperson

The Non-Immigrant B Visa is available for job seekers or entrepreneurs from New Zealand who can move to Thailand for professional reasons. Once a work permit sponsored by a Thai company is obtained, a 90-day single-entry visa can be extended to a 1-year multiple-entry visa, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our Thai attorneys are at your disposal if you want to relocate to this country as an entrepreneur. We can also assist in setting up a company in Thailand.

Long-term residency options for New Zealanders in Thailand

The Thai Elite or Privilege Visa is a premium option for long-term residency issued for periods of 5 to 20 years. It comes with a fast-track immigration process, immunity from 90-day reporting requirements, access to premium benefits, and more.

Recently enabled, here are the main options attached to the privilege visa:

  • the Privilege Gold Membership visa with a validity of 5 years;
  • the Privilege Platinum Membership visa valid for 10 years;
  • the Thai Privilege Diamond Membership visa with a validity of 15 years;
  • the Privilege Reserve Membership visa valid for 20 years.

For full information about all the ways through which one can immigrate to Thailand from New Zealand, please contact our local law firm.