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How to Open a Publishing Company in Thailand

How to Open a Publishing Company in Thailand

Starting a business in Thailand as a foreign investor is not complicated, however, the overseas businessman is advised to first verify the conditions and requirements related to the industry he or she wants to operate in. One of the industries which have started to become more popular among foreign investors is the Thai publishing sector, as the government encourages the opening of such companies.

Below, our Thai attorneys explain the requirements related to opening a publishing business in this country.

Legislation related to the opening of a Thai publishing business

Both local and foreign entrepreneurs are required to comply with the same laws if they want to open publishing companies in Thailand. These laws are the Company Law which provides for specific conditions related to the registration of companies in Thailand, the Copyright Act which covers all the aspects related to the publishing of various types of materials, and the Publishing Law.

Foreign entrepreneurs can open two types of publishing companies in Thailand: printed or online publishing business. They can also opt for both types of publishing companies.

Our lawyers in Thailand can explain the provisions of the Copyright Law in relation to a publishing company.

Requisites for foreigners opening publishing companies in Thailand

Foreign investors who want to open publishing companies in Thailand must consider the following:

  •           they must have a local partner who owns at least 70% of the company;
  •           they must register the company with the Thai Companies Registrar;
  •           at least ¾ of the company’s directors must be Thai citizens or residents;
  •           the company must obtain the publishing license and an International Standard Serial Number.

An additional requirement for Thai online publishing businesses is to open their own websites.

Our law firm in Thailand can help foreigners with the registration of a publishing company.

Management requirements for a Thai publishing company

The Publishing Law in Thailand provides for several requirements related to the manager of the business. He or she must be at least 20 years old, must be a Thai resident and have a clean criminal record.

For assistance in starting a publishing business, please contact our Thai lawyers.