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How to Extend your Thai Visa

How to Extend your Thai Visa

Thai visa can be extended if you intend to prolong your visit in the country. The Immigration Office in Bangkok is in charge with issuing visas for people who want to visit Thailand for business purposes or as tourists. But before you wish to extend your Thai visa, it is recommended to ask for guidance and information from our lawyers in Thailand. We can help you with details about the documents you need to prepare, in order to receive the best possible result.

Document preparation to extend your Thai business visa

If you need a Thai visa extension you should prepare a few essential documents, such as:

•    a valid Thai work permit;
•    the application form;
•    employment certificate in accordance with the Immigration Office regulations;
•    the certificate of the registered company;
•    a copy of the income statement that needs to be approved by the Business Development Department in Thailand;
•    a copy of the latest personal income;
•    a copy of your social contributions;
•    family member certificates, including the marriage certificate;
•    the passport;
•    other documents that might be required by the Immigration Office in Bangkok

Thai business visa extension is eligible with an available work permit and besides that, you must have at least four Thai individuals working in your company.

Document preparation to extend your Thai tourist visa

If your Thai tourist visa is about to expire and you need to stay longer in the country, it is recommended to prepare the documents, in order to apply at the Immigration Office in Bangkok. You will need to present your valid passport with the current visa on, to fill the application form at the immigration office, and to pay a tax of aproximately BHT 1,900. It is good to know that the Thai immigration procedure works pretty fast, but for best possible result, it is recommended to ask for guidance and details from our Thai lawyers. Don’t forget to write your address on the application form you need to fill. The Thai visa extension is available for 30 days, and  the process will normally take about an hour.

Please feel free to contact our law firm in Thailand, if you need additional information about how to extend your Thai visa.