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How to Apply for a Re-Entry Permit for Thailand?

How to Apply for a Re-Entry Permit for Thailand?

All foreign citizens that want to travel or work in Thailand need a visa in order to legally enter the country.  A re-entry permit for Thailand allows you to leave and come back to the country without forfeiting the current visa. You can apply for a single re-entry permit or for a multiple re-entry permit. Only certain types of Thai visas have the possibility for a re-entry permit and certain conditions must be fulfilled in order to apply for this permit. Our lawyers in Thailand can provide you with proper guidance if you want to apply for a re-entry permit.

Re-entry permit for Thailand application

If you hold a valid visa for Thailand and plan to leave the country for a certain period, you may need a re-entry permit when you come back. This permit is needed only if you still have time left on your visa at the moment of return into Thailand. If your Thai visa expires while you are away from the country, you don`t need a re-entry permit, but you have to apply for a new Thai visa. In order to apply for a re-entry permit for Thailand, you have to provide the following documents:

• A passport with a valid Thai visa;
• Copies of the photo page, of the immigration departure card and of the current visa page;
• The copy of the extension stamp page (in case you have a valid Non Immigrant Thai visa);
• The re-entry permit application (form TM.8) – it is provided to you by the local Thai immigration office where you apply for the re-entry permit;
• One passport photo of 2 by 2 inches;
• Application fees – BHT 1.000 if you apply for a single re-entry permit or BHT 3,800 if you want a multiple re-entry permit.

Leaving Thailand without applying for a re-entry permit translates into losing your visa. Additional information about the procedure of obtaining a re-entry permit can be given to you by our law firm in Thailand. Furthermore, if you are planning immigration to Thailand, the services of our lawyers are at your disposal. According to the Immigration Act, there are eight main categories of visas issued by Thai authorities. Foreigners are obligated to scrupulously abide by the regulations regulating each visa category, and each category is confined to the reason for which the visa has been given. Please keep in mind that within 24 hours, local police should be informed of any changes to address or status. To learn more about the regulations, consult with our lawyers.

The advantages of a re-entry permit in Thailand

Holding this permit allows you to travel outside Thailand and re enter on the same visa. Tourists in Thailand who have the opportunity to visit the neighboring countries can do this and still be able to finish their legal stay in Thailand. Other categories which can benefit from re-entry permits in Thailand are the holders of a year-long Thai visa, especially students or retirees. Emergency situations when foreign visitors have to leave the country but want to be able to return also entail the need for a re-entry permit in Thailand.
Get in touch with our attorneys in Thailand if you need legal assistance in obtaining a re-entry permit.