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Employment Law in Thailand

Employment Law in Thailand

The Employment Law in Thailand regulates the working framework for both local and foreign employees. If you want to invest in this country you need to be familiarized with the particularities of the Labor Law in Thailand. Our Thai lawyers can help you obtain the relevant information of the employment legislation in this country so that you can accomodate in your business the talented and young workforce available in this country.

Main provisions of the Employment Act in Thailand

The Thai government encourages transparent policies in the labor domain and the Employment Act is another proof of the modernity and europeanization of this country, where foreign investors find a familiar working environment. This body of law contains regulations on the following aspects: 

•    The minimum salary rates allowed by law (the minimum wage per day is of 305 Baht / 9 dollars for unskilled workers and between 370 and 600 Baht / (11- 18 dollars) for workers with a high level of skill);
•    The number of working hours (8 hours a day with maximum of 48 hours per week) and the due payment for overtime spend on work;
•    Severance pay and the obligations concerning the notice periods (the employer must notify the employees about relocation with 30 days in advance or about the termination of work with at least 60 days in advance);
•    Statutory holidays, maternity leave and sick leave provisions, such as the Thai New Year which takes place between 13 and 16 of April. Moreover if a public holiday falls in the weekend, the next monday is also a free day, as a substitute for the actual holiday.

If you want to start hiring personnel for your business in Thailand you can arrange a meeting with one of our Thai lawyers in order to discuss in detail the elaboration of working contracts in compliance with the provisions of the Thai law regarding employment.

More aspects of the Employment Act in Thailand

According to the Employment Act in Thailand there are two types of contracts which can be signed between an employer and another person. If you want to set up a company in Thailand, you should know that the classical employment contract gives the employer the right to supervise the activity of the employee and to have requirements in terms of the working hours. The other type of labor agreement which can be elaborated is the service contract through which the only thing which conditions payment is the completion of the task. 

The employment regulations in Thailand impose special restrictions for the working hours and rest periods for employees in certain sectors such as petroleum, accommodation or transportation industries. The labor regulations in Thailand stipulate as well tax incentives for employment of disabled persons thus encouraging the integration and non-discrimination in this country.

Feel free to contact our attorneys in Thailand who can give you complete information on the employment regulations in this country. In addition to this, you are also welcome to get in touch with our immigration lawyers if you are planning to immigrate to Thailand. This state is taking all possible benefits from the relocation of people, due to the relatively high percentage of immigrants who are working and so contribute to the economy. The economic contribution of individuals may also benefit from policies attempting to broaden job options for immigrant employees.