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Doing the 90-day Report in Thailand

Doing the 90-day Report in Thailand

Any foreigner staying in Thailand for longer than 90 days and holding a non-immigrant visa is required to do the 90 day report in Thailand. This report has to be sent to the Thai immigration authorities within 7 days before or after the expiry date of the 90 days period. If you leave Thailand during this period, the day of re-entry is counted for the first day of your 90 days stay in the country. Our attorneys in Thailand can explain you how to fill in the 90 day report.

The process of filing the 90 day report in Thailand

This 90 day report in Thailand can be filed in person, sent via email or by authorizing someone else to do it on your behalf. There are several locations in Thailand where you can fill in the 90 day report. These are the following: counter 3 at the Immigration Bureau Office in Bangkok, all visa extension units at Ratchada Center and any immigration offices within the country. It is recommended to rely on the help of a Thai attorney to keep you informed about the rules of immigration in this country. If you fail to do the 90 day report in Thailand, you can receive a fine of 2.000 THB. It is also possible to get arrested for not filing the report and receive a 5,000 THB fine. Our lawyers in Thailand can keep you updated in regard to the immigration legislation and assist you in filing the 90 day report. Furthermore, if you are interested in relocating to Thailand for good, you can get assistance from our immigration lawyers. They will not only provide you with information but also practically assist you in this regard. You should know that the number of days you are permitted to remain in Thailand will be printed on your passport when you arrive. Thailand has strict regulations on passport and visa control, and offenders face consequences. So, if you do not follow Thai regulations, you will have to face penalties. 

Online registration of the 90 day report in Thailand

If you choose to report to the Thai immigration authorities via registered email, here is a list of documents you need to send:
•    A copy of all passport pages – the visa on arrival stamp must be visible;
•    A copy of the arrival/departure card that was given to you when you entered Thailand;
•    Any previous notifications of staying over 90 days in Thailand;
•    The notification form – completely filled in and signed;
•    A 5 THB stamp attached to an envelope – you have to write down your address in Thailand so that the immigration officer in charge of your application can send you back the confirmation of the 90 day report in Thailand.

Note that you have to keep the receipt of the registration process in order to prove the immigration authorities that you complied with the regulations regarding the 90 day report in Thailand. For further assistance in applying for a Thai visa or doing the 90 day report, please get in touch with our law firm in Thailand.