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Defamation Lawyers in Thailand

Defamation Lawyers in Thailand

If you are involved in a slander case, our defamation lawyers in Thailand are at your service. The term defamation covers any untrue statement, whether expressed verbally or in writing, made against another person with the intent to do harm.

The particularity under the Defamation Law in Thailand is that a person accused of such an offense may face civil, criminal prosecution, or both. Considering it can be a serious charge, people may need legal representation from specialized attorneys, such as our defamation lawyers in Thailand. Discover below how we can be of service.

Services provided by our defamation lawyers in Thailand

Before exploring this subject in-depth, we want to present the legal solutions our attorneys in Thailand can help you with. Among them, we mention the following:

  • legal support to victims of defamation in filing complaints with the Thai police;
  • assistance in preparing the defamation case and taking it to court;
  • representation in defamation case hearings;
  • legal assistance to those who have been accused of defamation;
  • defense in defamation cases.

Defamation is quite a complex subject, especially in the light of all social media appearances of people which puts them at risk for slander and libel.

Please get in touch with our Thai defamation lawyers if you are or are not sure if you have been a victim or if you are accused of such an offense.

The two forms of defamation in Thailand

According to the Defamation Law in Thailand, this offense can take two forms:

  1. slander or simple defamation;
  2. libel.

Slander implies making a false statement against another person in front of a third party with the intent to harm that person’s reputation.

Libel refers to the publication of information under the form of documents, pictures and even videos of a person with the intention of causing harm to the person in question.

 In Thailand, a defamation case relies on the defendant to establish the truth of his claims. Here, it is not possible to come up with the argument that the defendant was unaware of the falsity of his remarks. This is why, the support of our Thai law firm can prove crucial.

The laws that apply in defamation cases

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, defamation can be regarded both as a civil and criminal offense. However, Section 326 of the Thai Penal Code is the first act to cover this term.

According to Section 326, anyone who divulges information to a third party in a way that could damage another person’s reputation or cause that person’s reputation to be damaged is considered to have committed defamation.

Other laws that apply in defamation cases are:

  • Section 161/1 of the Thai Criminal Procedure Code provides for the condition under which such cases can be accepted or dismissed by the Thai court system;
  • Section 165/2 of the same Code which covers the evidence that can be accepted in a defamation case, including testimonies;
  • Section 328 of the Penal Code provides for the punishment in such cases.

Our defamation lawyers in Thailand can advise and offer legal representation in defamation cases under the strict rigor of this country’s laws.

Common cases of defamation and their punishments

Some of the most common cases based on the Defamation Law in Thailand are:

  • accusations of wrongdoing or deceit;
  • harming someone’s reputation in relation to one’s private life;
  • unproved work or business-related accusations;
  • spreading of false information in the form of pictures or videos on social media channels.

According to our defamation lawyers in Thailand, the punishment for such offenses can be:

  • a maximum sentence of 1 or 2 years in prison, depending on the type of defamation;
  • fines between 20,000 and 200,000 Baht, depending on the severity of the case;
  • both imprisonment and fines can also apply.

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Feel free to address our Thai defamation attorneys in order to avoid any possible complications.