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Criminal Lawyers in Thailand

Criminal Lawyers in Thailand

The Criminal Code of Thailand contains all the offenses that are considered crimes in this country. Violating any of the rules of this law can lead to imprisonment or open a criminal prosecution. It is just as important to note that there are more laws besides the above-mentioned one that can lead to criminal charges.

Those facing charges that endanger their freedom can rely on our criminal lawyers in Thailand who can provide a suitable defense. Find out below how our Thai law firm can assist in such cases and why you should hire us.

The main services provided by our Thai criminal defense lawyers

The first and most important service our lawyers can provide you is handling any case with due care. Here is a list of our criminal law-related solutions in Thailand:

  • legal representation in murder, homicide, manslaughter, or other severe crimes;
  • support in drug offense defense in Thai courts;
  • defense against different types of sex crimes;
  • legal assistance in traffic/driving-related crimes, such as DUI (Driving Under the Influence) manslaughter and other offenses;
  • assistance in fraud charges, white collar offenses, and corporate crimes.

Our criminal lawyers in Thailand offer support to both citizens and companies, national and international.

Support and representation in court proceedings

Under the Thai Criminal Code, charges against a defendant for a criminal offense is addressed by a local court. This is where our criminal defense lawyers in Thailand will step in and ensure legal representation. It is important to note that during these proceedings, known as pleadings, the defendant is required to decide whether or not to enter a plea or declare he/she is innocent.

Based on the evidence at hand, our Thai attorneys will advise on the best course of action. Having the assistance of an experienced criminal defense lawyer can be good when deciding how to plead a case. This is significant even in cases where a guilty plea is accepted, since the lawyer’s experience can help lower the defendant’s punishment.

We are also at your disposal in representation before the authorities, such as the Royal Police Forces in Thailand in case of arrests.

Criminal litigation, one of the areas of expertise of our lawyers in Thailand

All your legal concerns will be handled by our Thai criminal defense attorneys. Among these, we can handle the following:

  • the creation of a legal strategy in accordance with the Criminal Code of Thailand;
  • defense preparation;
  • court representation;
  • support in appeal cases (should the matter require it).

Such a service is often beneficial to foreign citizens in Thailand who do not know the language or how the court system works. From this point of view, we can offer support related to illegal immigration to Thailand.

If the charges are dropped, our Thai immigration lawyers can step in and help foreigners apply for residence permits for Thailand.

Why choose our criminal lawyers in Thailand

The experience, knowledge, and skills are the most important attributes of our Thai criminal defense lawyers. It is essential to note that our attorneys are well-prepared, and can understand the law and how they are applied in order to offer the necessary support.

 Criminal offense statistics in Thailand

According to a recent report issued by Gitnux, at the beginning of 2024:

  • Thailand’s overall crime rate index is 42.46 points out of a total of 100 points;
  • the highest perceived threat among the population is the illegal use of substances which gathered 65.97 points;
  • property crimes are also reported to be on the list of concerns of the population with 51.60 out of the total 100 points.

Should you be in the difficult position of requiring the assistance of a criminal lawyer in Thailand, do not hesitate to contact us.