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Company Management in Thailand

Company Management in Thailand

Apart from other aspects, doing business in Thailand means to create a great relationship and social engagement. A businessman needs to show impressive management skills, in order to obtain excellent results. For certain goals, a company manager in Thailand needs to create proper arrangements and systems, in order to attain productivity and success. Our Thai law firm can provide you with suitable information and legal assistance regarding the company management in Thailand.

Appointing managers in Thailand

Please take into consideration that a limited company in Thailand requires a director or a number of directors, named by the general meeting of the stockholders. The directors can also give any of their powers to managers, who need to conform to any directive or rule that may be enforced. In order to properly work in Thailand, a manager needs to understand the local rules and regulations, besides the directing environment. Having a business in Thailand requires excellent plans and information, therefore you should solicit help and guidance from our lawyers in Thailand.

If a director wants to quit its position, he must present a resignation letter to the company’s board, a letter that will take immediate effect, if approved. Regarding the situation when a director needs to be replaced or changed, the enterprise will prepare the registration within 14 days, meanwhile, a new manager will be on debate.

Responsibilities and powers of directors

Directors’ responsibilities, no matter the type of company or country, involve important matters that should be taken into consideration, and here we mention the following:

•    a manager or a director needs to properly respect the company’s articles of association and goals;
•    a director must represent the company’s interests;
•    a director must act with good intentions towards the company.

Apart from these matters, a director can have implications in another commercial business with the board’s permission, after an important meeting with the shareholders.

You are invited to contact our law firm in Thailand, if you need extra details about the company management in Thailand.