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Articles of Association in Thailand

Articles of Association in Thailand

The opening of a company in Thailand begins with its registration and one of the most essential document for this procedure is represented by the articles of association. This document is elaborated by the board of the company and contains the most important aspects about the enterprise. Our law firm in Thailand can provide to foreign investors professional legal consulting and can assist entrepreneurs when they decide to draw up the articles of association of a company. 

What is the purpose of the articles of association in Thailand 

The articles of association in Thailand establish the inner rules of the company. They contain as well the regulations for the functioning of the business on the Thai market. When a company is opened in Thailand, the board has to draft the structure of the enterprise and mention it in the articles of association. Our attorneys in Thailand can explain to you what the articles of association need to contain so that the company to be in compliance with the Company Law in this country. 

The importance of this document is also visible as long as the voting rules are concerned. The way decisions are taken in the company is regulated by the articles of association, which represent a pillar of the enterprise. Other data contained in this file are the name and address of the company, as well as the objectives and domain in which the business is going to operate. 

Our Thai lawyers can assist you in the elaboration of the  articles of association for your business in Thailand

How to elaborate the articles of association in Thailand

The Thai Civil and Commercial code regulate the way in which the articles of association need to be elaborated. The law gives all details concerning the content of this document and the people who have the responsibility of drafting it. If you are not completely familiarized with the Thai legislation, you can employ one of our attorneys in Thailand to assist you when you draw up the articles of incorporation.

It is important to mention in the articles some key aspects concerning your company, such as the type of legal form in which you intend to operate as well as the way in which the shares are distributed. The investment capital and the liabilities of the partners need to be included as well in this document in order to have at the base of your enterprise a clear and transparent reference point along your business development. 

Feel free to contact our law firm in Thailand in order to benefit from personalized legal help in the elaboration of the articles of association for your Thai company.