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Law Firm in Thailand

Our law firm in Thailand is oriented toward finding the best legal solutions for its clients, no matter if we are talking about corporate customers or individuals who are interested to be legally represented in a case. Our lawyers are specialized in several legal domains, from corporate law to immigration and employment law; our team of legal experts can assist you in various cases, such as civil cases, commercial litigation or disputes that may arise between corporate entities.

 Quick Facts  
Commercial litigation assistance offered by our
law firm in Thailand

Litigation involving breach of contract, shareholder and director disputes

Company formation
in Thailand

Company registration services, applying
for business permits


Special services for banks and financial services providers. 

Legal services provided by our lawyers in Thailand regarding labor litigation, drafting employment contracts, employee termination, including employee data protection

International investments in Thailand Legal assistance for mergers and acquisitions or for expanding  a business through branch offices in Thailand
Tax matters

Tax compliance, VAT registration services offered by our lawyers in Thailand 


Support during insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings

 Intellectual property Legal help in trademark application, copyright infringement cases, and with other IP rights issues
Debt recovery services offered by our Thai law firm Amicable debt recovery by our lawyers, as well as initiating the court debt collection proceedings in case the amicable method isn’t successful
Real estate issues Commercial and residential property sale and purchase for corporate investors, ownership transfer, real estate due diligence, etc. 
 Residential conveyancing  Services for clients who buy or sell residential property in Thailand
Individual employment  Workplace discrimination, unfair removal, disciplinary measures, harassment 
Civil litigation assisted
by our experts 
Representation in civil law cases, such as: personal injuries, debt, medical negligence, etc. 
Divorce and family law  Divorce filing, child custody, adoption, splitting assets, wills, etc. 
Immigration in Thailand Applications for residence permits, retirement visas or other visas including those for investors, extension applications for residence permits, including applications for Thai citizenship. If you need an immigration lawyer in Thailand, we are at your disposal.

Legal services available in Thailand

Our lawyers in Thailand are at your disposal and can offer advice on the following matters:

  •           company registration with the steps and procedures related to opening a business;
  •           applying for the necessary business licenses, including the permits for specific activities;
  •           assistance in relocating, changing business forms, and liquidating existing companies;
  •           assistance in acquiring real estate properties for both commercial and residential purposes;
  •           assistance related to the taxation of companies, including efficient tax planning;
  •           guidance in immigration to Thailand and applying for work permits as employers and assistance on employment matters;
  •           assistance in litigation cases, including arbitration and debt collection matters;
  •           assistance in various types of Civil Law, Commercial Code, and Labor Code matters.

We remind foreign clients that all our services are personalized based on the particularities of their case. This also applies in the case of immigration to Thailand. The several types of visas that Thailand offers include the transit visa, the 30-day tourist visa, the non-immigrant visa, the diplomatic visa, the official visa, and the courtesy visa. If you are planning to immigrate to Thailand on any of the visas discussed before, get in touch with our agents. They will help you select an appropriate visa that matches your travel purpose.

Our team invites you to watch a concise video about the legal services provided by our attorneys in Thailand:

Opening a company in Thailand 

Foreign investors interested in the business environment in Thailand can receive legal advice and guidance from our team of expert Thai lawyers, with the guarantee of a successful start-up at advantageous prices. Our lawyers will offer you support through all the necessary procedures for the incorporation of a company; you will need to provide several documents for the registration of a Thai company, open a bank account for your business, set up a business address, receive permits from local authorities and comply with the local tax regulations

In order to understand how the company incorporation procedure works in Thailand, here is a list of the documents you need to prepare and file when starting a business here:

  • the company’s incorporation documents which are the same as in any country around the world;
  • information about the shareholders who can be natural or corporate persons, foreign or Thai nationals;
  • information about the company directors by respecting the provisions of the Corporate Code;
  • information about the headquarters of the company which must be established in a Thai city.

With respect to the most employed type of company, the limited liability company remains the preferred choice of foreign investors interested in starting a business in Thailand. You can rely on our lawyers in Thailand for the registration of any type of company. You can also rely on us for guidance in selecting a proper business form, in accordance with your vision and objectives.

Obtaining special licenses and permits of businesses in Thailand

One of the most important aspects of starting a business as a foreigner in Thailand is applying for specific business licenses. Among them we remind the following:

1.       import and export licenses for trading companies operating in Thailand;
2.       restaurant and food and beverages licenses for companies in the food manufacturing licenses;
3.       licenses for setting up companies in the tourism sector, one of the most developed Thai industries;
4.       financial licenses for foreign investors who want to enter the financial market.

Foreign investors can be subject to additional requirements when opening companies in Thailand which is why legal advice is recommended. Our lawyer in Thailand can assist you in the process of setting up a company in this country. 

Company due diligence performed by our lawyers in Thailand

There are several ways of starting a business in Thailand. Even if the most employed method is by registering a company from scratch, foreign investors also have the possibility of buying ready-made companies, or to buy out partially or completely other companies.

The main difference between the two possibilities resides in the fact that the shelf company is a registered company with no previous activity and no liabilities. However, the future owner must verify the conditions of the purchase. This can be done through a company due diligence procedure which can be completed by our Thai lawyers.

The company due diligence when buying a shelf company is rather simple and can be completed in a matter of hours.

The other option mentioned above refers to mergers and acquisitions. In this case, the company due diligence process is more complex and it is best to discuss with a lawyer in Thailand who is specialized in this sector. Our law firm will carefully revise all the legal documents of the company, will complete a report in accordance with the data issued by the Trade Register and will inform the client about the possible liabilities of the company.

In case you need company due diligence reports on a company, you can rely on our lawyers in Thailand for comprehensive information.

Corporate legal counseling in Thailand 

In the situation in which you need legal counseling for your company, our team of Thai lawyers can provide you with advice on various matters, such as mergers and acquisition and company due diligence procedures or dissolution of companies

Company liquidation with the help of our Thai lawyers

Foreign business owners considering they need to close their companies in Thailand can rely on us for the company liquidation procedures. We can take care of all the legal aspects of this process by guiding the business owners on the documents they need to prepare and file with the Trade Register and the Thai court during the procedure of winding-up the business. Our lawyer in Thailand can help you liquidate a company. 

Assistance in litigation cases in Thailand

Our team of lawyers can offer you assistance in the proceedings related to any type of litigation cases. Usually, a case is settled by establishing an agreement between the two parties or by addressing it to a Thai court. If you need a lawyer in Thailand who can represent you in front of the court of justice, you can rely on our team.

Debt collection

If you are involved in a debt collection issue, our law firm can offer you various procedures available under the Thai legislation for the recovery of such debts. Ourexperienced lawyers can help clients collect debts in Thailand either by using the amicable procedure or the legal one.  

Taxation lawyers in Thailand 

Paying corporate taxes in Thailand is done according to the local taxation system. Our lawyers can help you with specific financial aspects of your business, including the payment of taxes for your activity in Thailand.

Assistance in buying real estate in Thailand

Thailand is a very respected vacation destination and many foreign citizens decide to buy properties here with the purpose of living in them or renting them. The procedure for buying a property in Thailand is subject to several requirements which can be explained by our Thai lawyers.

We can complete real estate due diligence procedures in order to help clients establish if the property to purchase is the right option and we also offer assistance throughout the sale-purchase phase.
We can also guide foreign businessmen who want to buy real estate for investment purposes. Considering this process is more complicated and the transaction implies a higher cost, it is a good idea to solicit legal advice from a law firm in Thailand.

Assistance in employment matters in Thailand

The Employment Law in Thailand is quite complex and different from Western countries, however, many investors from these countries decide to set up operations in Thailand and hire local workforce.

Our lawyers in Thailand can offer the needed assistance to those who need to understand how the provisions of the Employment Law applies in their case. From drafting labor contracts to support in resolving contractual disputes, our lawyers can help no matter the situation.

With respect to foreign employees, it is important to know that the Thai company hiring them must first apply for the necessary work permits before bringing them into the country. The procedure is not complicated, however, the employer might need assistance in preparing the paperwork related to obtaining the work permit.

With years of experience behind, our law firm in Thailand offers personalized support in various employment-related matters.

We can help both local and foreign investors with the entire company registration procedure followed by the employment process. We can also help in intra-company transfers of employees in the case of foreign companies operating through subsidiaries and branches, or even liaison offices in Thailand.

If you need information on the provisions of the Labor Code, do not hesitate to ask our lawyers in Thailand any question.

Legal services in large cities in Thailand

No matter the types of services, you need, our attorneys in Thailand can be by your side in the city you need us in. Bangkok, which is one of the most sought cities in Thailand not only for being the country’s capital but because it is one of the most developed cities in Asia, is one of the most important cities in which you can rely on our services.

We can also help those who want to start companies in Chiang Mai and Nonthaburi, two other important cities in Thailand.

Those considering Thailand’s special economic zones for starting their own businesses can also rely on us. We recommend Tak, Sa Kaeo, and Trat as some of the most prolific free zones in Thailand. No matter the choice, our Thai law firm can help investors who want to settle in them.

Why choose our law firm in Thailand?

Even if the Thai legislation is more relaxed when it comes to foreign investors and citizens seeking to move to Asia, the language, the legislation, the traditions, and the overall society is different from those of Western countries and the assistance of a Thai lawyer can help foreigners integrate with the nationals here.

From a business perspective, our attorneys in Thailand can help foreign entrepreneurs establish much-sought connections when starting a company and can guide and facilitate the interaction with the authorities. Getting an investor acquainted with the local legislation is one of our law firm’s goals, which is why we kindly invite you to ask us any questions you can think of.

The relationship with our lawyers can continue even after starting a business in Thailand, especially for those interested in expanding their business or finding themselves in the situation of needing other legal services. You can find in us a trusted partner no matter the legal assistance you need. You can also rely on our immigration lawyers in Thailand for guidance in moving here.

Why choose Thailand?

Asia is one of the world’s largest continents and the great number of countries here can be a problem for those who want to settle and start a business here, however, Thailand is a great economy because:

  • 2017 and 2018 were good years marking a Gross Domestic Product increase of 4%, respectively 4.1%;
  • Thailand’s GDP is expected to grow by 3.9% in 2019;
  • 2020 is forecast to bring a 3.7% GDP growth for Thailand;
  • the GDP per capita is expected to increase by 3.5% in 2019 and 3.3% in 2020.

Please contact our team of Thai lawyers for more information about the services provided to foreign companies in Thailand; our lawyers can also offer their assistance to individuals who are involved in various types of litigation cases. Besides assistance in these matters, if you also need help acquiring a Thai residence permit, get in touch with our agents. Only 100 persons are given permanent residency in Thailand each year. Obtaining residency is quite difficult due to this tiny quantity. So, it is important to apply under the supervision of experts. With their help, you will be able to apply without making any mistakes.